Working with HMPPS in North Wales


Leeks growing for the food banks

In 2022 Nornir helped to set up a new Social Enterprise called Egino Emerging. Egino works in HMPPS Accredited Premises in North Wales supporting the prisoners with their adjustments to being released.


Volunteers who are ex prisoners them selves have established gardens at the AP and have grown food for themselves and donated the surpluses to local Food Pantries.


Part of the work has involved setting up organic fertiliser production called vermiculture through the building of wormeries. This uses worms to eat waste products and turn it into fertiliser that can then be used back in the gardens.


Training books on how to set up a wormery has been written and can be read on the Egino web site at:


Or you can download the book for free from the link below.

There is also a Welsh Language version of the book at: