Economic implications of migration



The rise of many national political parties across the EU has been focused on their views that immigration is a drain on the resources of the country where immigrants are settling.

However recent research be the University College London's Centre for Research and Analysis of Migration which was published in the Guardian this week suggests a rather different scenario to the one that is commonly accepted. In fact they believe that immigration has contributed £4.96 billion to the UK economy since 2011.

However, not all people are convinced and the people at Migrant Watch who campaign to reduce immigration believe that the use of the data has been “selective”.

So perhaps the real truth is that no matter which side is making the argument “selective” data can and is used to substantiate the various claims – phew where does leave the average person in the street when it comes to making decisions based on the words of politicians, newspapers and the media? I think I may just stay sitting on the fence!

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