Planning For Real


Nornir is part of a European Commision funded project that is developing new language versions of the UK Planning For Real programme that is based in the UK. For more information see the link below:

Partner countries are France, Turkey, Italy and Poland. The trechniques of community action planning are being used to address the issue how all sections of European society can engage effectively in policy making.

With less public funding available for investment in regeneration, concerted action takes place to address the challenges and problems faced by communities across the EU. That will depend on characteristics, opportunities and threats that define each community and their capacity to respond to the subsequent challenges.   When developed effectively, grass-root involvement in the regeneration process can remove the barriers to economic growth and provide the opportunities to tackle disadvantage, deprivation and dilapidation.

The Planning for Real project will help to provide training and resources to help facilitate this in all the partner countries. For more information please visit the project web site.: