Erasmus + and small and micro organisations


Having just conducted a straw poll amongst a wide range of our UK partners (most of which are small and micro companies and organisations) it seems to be clear that not many of them are preparing to make submissions to Erasmus plus in this first round of funding.

Also there is a lot of e-mails coming from all across the EU with organisations proposing themselves as perfect for any applications that other people are making but not many making proposals themselves.  Perhaps as in the UK this is an indication that lots of smaller organisations are not feeling comfortable with making applications in the first round.

In both cases it would be interesting to know the reasons for this apparent inability or un-willingness to lead on new proposals under Erasmus +

Perhaps this is a wrong conclusion but it does not take a massive leap of the mind to assume that the work involved for smaller organisations in adapting from the old LLP programmes to Erasmus + is not a simple one.

Clearly the creating of new Erasmus + proposals requires a lot of research and additional work and this is difficult for small and micro companies to build into their existing work-loads. Yes we still have the partnership programmes but will there be a reduction in the number of smaller organisations leading on programmes in Erasmus?

It would be interesting to see the statistics in relation to the size of the organisations/companies who applied in the last year of the LLP programme and in the new Erasmus + programme. I wonder if these will be available?