We have been an innovative social enterprise working within the Third Sector since 2001. Much of our work involves developing the Information and Communications Technology infrastructure of organisations through the implementation of software and hardware combined with training.

The main goal of our work has been to build the capacity of voluntary/community groups to help them become more "business like" in their development and delivery or work.

Key to this work is the ability to build networks of smaller organisation. Often small and micro organisations do not have the capacity to have specific skills and dedicated resources such as an IT department. But through collaboration organisations and individuals can offer their services to each other thereby bringing a wider base of experts.

We have a proven track record in attracting additional funds to support our work which has helped us develop a unique network of partners both within the UK and across the European Union. Our networks give us unique access to a varied range of funding to help us create and develop our work which is creating a fusion between the private sector and Public and Third Sectors.

Our specialities are:

  • Developing and deploying bespoke on line tools that are common place in the private sector for use within the Public and Third sectors.
  • Funding and Project Management helping identify UK and EU funding that small organisations can use to support their mainstream activities.
  • Developing new networks of organisation and individuals to help build more lasting partnerships that can offer greater stability than a small/micro enterprise can achieve on it's own.
  • A full end to end service of design, build and hosting all online solutions with an extensive range of support services.